"Ripen With Us"
Child Care Center, Inc.
An Early Childhood Learning Center
Established in 1974

About Us

Mission Statement

The purpose of "Ripen With Us" Child Care Center, Inc. is to provide the best care and learning situations possible for children enrolled in the various programs while away from home.  The attainment of this goal requires a sense of dedication, commitment and responsibility from each staff, parent, and child.


"Ripen With Us" Child Care Center, Inc. believes that Early Childhood should be a time of fun, warmth, security, exploring and discovery.  Children are creative and receptive; the staff strives to nurture and encourage these qualities in the children who attend.  Our purpose is to provide an atmosphere that encourages the social, emotional, physical and intellectual growth and development of the whole child.


Established in 1974, "Ripen With Us" Child Care Center, Inc., a full day program for children six (6) weeks to twelve (12) years, are designed to encourage each child to reach a maximum growth potential.  the various programs provide each group with organized activities and socialization combined with community experiences.  The teachers use developmentally appropriate practices in working with the children.  Teachers prepare a variety of intersting choices for children every day and make their own discoveries about the world as they are able to explore materials and learn to play with others.  "Ripen With Us" is a 501 C(3) not-for-profit organization, governed by a Board of Directors composed of parents and community leaders.  The purpose of the Board is to participate in the management and development of the Center in the areas of care and services provided, goals, strategic planning, operating policies and capital expenditures.  In addition to the Board of Directors, the Center has a Parent Advisory Committee; every registered family is automatically a member.  There is an information sheet included with your registration that explains the roll of the Parent Advisory Committee.  We encourage each parent to become actively involved with the Center and its functions, so that we can insure the highest degree of quality care for your child.  Since we are a not-for-profit organization, we do plenty of yearly fundraisers and your help and support goes a long way to keep the Center going with new toys and supplies in the classroom for the children.  Please keep your eyes on the Calendar of Events for upcoming meetings, fundraisers and when you can help with the participation.

"Ripen With Us" features:

Every classroom has structured plans and open activities all geared to the needs and interests of the child enrolled.  This means we bring the world into the classroom.  The children see on a day-to-day basis, how they can relate to the world in which we live.
Using developmentally appropriate practices, making sure our staff remain current with their training and always having an open door policy, truly make this a more relaxed atmosphere that you can be sure your child is receiving the best care they deserve.

With that there is much more, as we hope you will see for yourself, with a visit soon.   Of course, there is no obligation.  We just know that seeing is believing.

Enrollment Procedure:

  • Call the Main Office for an appointment and to schedule a tour: 
    - Monday  through  Friday:  9:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. at  (716)836-1014.

  • Establish an enrollment date as soon as possible to insure an opening for your child.  There should be at least a two week window before a child can start.
  • A completed Medical and Shot Record must be submitted before ANY child can be admitted into a program.  This is a New York State requirement. 


 All Staff at "Ripen With Us" are certified by the American Heart Association
to administer First Aid, CPR and
 use of an Automated External Defibrillator (AED).
Some staff are M.A.T. trained and certified to administer medications.
We have a Full Time Registered Nurse and an Emergency Medical Technician on Staff.