"Ripen With Us"
Child Care Center, Inc.
An Early Childhood Learning Center
Established in 1974

Current Fee Schedule for Current Year

Listed below are the current fee's for the 2015 - 2016 calendar year:

Commitment Fee: $50.00 yearly fee for first child (non-refundable)
$35.00 for second child enrolled, $30.00 per additional child

School Age Occasional Fee: $30.00 yearly fee (non-refundable)
(*attending holidays, ½ days and days off from school, etc.)

Camp Ripen Activities Fee: $25.00 yearly per child fee (non-refundable)

FULL TIME/WEEKLY RATES: (Monday through Friday up to 9 ½ hours per day*)

Infants $235.00 per week
Toddlers $225.00 per week
Preschoolers $210.00 per week

FULL DAY RATES: (2 DAY MINIMUM up to 9 ½ hours*)

Infants/Toddlers $55.00 per day
Preschool $50.00 per day

HALF DAY RATES: (2 DAY MINIMUM up to 4 hours per day)

Toddlers/Preschool $35.00 per day

*An hourly fee for children who attend in excess over the
nine and a half hour daily limit (9 ½) will be assessed at
$8.00 per hour or any part of an hour.


$45.00 per week
Daily Rate (2 DAY MINIMUM) $10.00 per day

$70.00 per week
Daily Rate (2 DAY MINIMUM) $15.00 per day

*FULL TIME/WEEKLY RATE: $200.00 per week

*DAILY RATE: (2 DAY MINIMUM) $50.00 per day
(*These are the fees when they are out of school for vacations, days off, etc.)


Bus Service is for school* drop-off and pick-up only:    $2.00 per trip
* - School Drop-Off and Pick-Up refers to certain schools in the Ken-Ton School District South of Sheridan Drive and Certain Schools in the Amherst School District.  Any schools not on our list must be submitted in writing to our Board of Directors and Executive Director for approval before transportation is approved.  Not all registrants or requests will be approved or qualify.  Drop-Off and Pick-Up service does not include to personal addresses or homes of family members unless arrangements have been made prior and has been approved by our Board of Directors and Executive Director.

A fee of $1.00 is charged per minuteper child, after time of closing of the center (6:00 P.M.) to the closer's of the center.

Fees stated above are in effect for newly registered children as of May 1, 2015.
For those continuing the rates will be in effect
September 7 , 2015.

If you refer a new child and they register to attend, you will be given the following bonus certificate:

Attending FULL TIME of 5 FULL days per week - $50.00 credit towards your weekly fee (one time).
     B-    Attending 3 to 4 FULL days per Week - $30.00 credit towards your weekly fee (one time).
     C-    Attending 2  FULL days per Week - $15.00 credit towards your weekly fee (one time).