"Ripen With Us"
Child Care Center, Inc.
An Early Childhood Learning Center
Established in 1974

School Age Department: The Bears, Bulls and Bearded Dragons
The Bear's:

Welcome to the Kindergartener's and the First Grader's Group of the Before and After School Program.  This is the group you start in and we are looking forward to making this an important part of your child's before and after school age care needs and resources.  During most days, the kids will be able to mingle with the other groups, but on days off when we need to break up, this group will be together for lunch and general attendance.  In this group we focus on the children's beginning to understand the importance of responsibility.  If they start getting homework, we can help them start it.  We have a wide variety of art supplies, manipulatives, puzzles and resources that also can be used to guide them.  Plus if they want to have fun, we have a playroom for them to explore and we go outside as much as possible until the weather changes.  When the weather eventually does, we use our indoor fitness room with small motor activities and games so they still get to release that excess energy from being at school all day.

The Bull's:

Our middle room is for our Second Grader's and Third Grader's of the Before and After School Program.  Like the Bear's, they will only group together for lunch and general attendance on days off.  Other than that, they get to be social with all the other groups as they transition from the youngest to the oldest group, taking on a little more responsibility.  If homework is something that needs to be done, we have a list that we have that you can sign your child up, so we can help do some or all of it.  It's your choice.  The middle group is when they are start to strengthen their learning environment and prepare for the ELA's at school.  We understand that times can be stressful.  We try to make sure we have all the latest resource guide books and materials to help with the ever changing curriculum.  New responsibilities, social environments and situations are all going to be experienced with this age.  Open ended art projects based on a monthly theme may not seem like fun activities anymore, but we leave the choice open to them.  Of course we have outdoor play and use of our indoor fitness room when the weather breaks.  

The Bearded Dragon's:

Our final Group of  children consists of Fourth Grader's and up in the Before and After School Program.  Here we allow a more independance as they transition towards 10 years of age, more social interactions and more responsibilities.  We have a Quiet Study available for the children to do their homework as they arrive after school with a computer with internet access if they need to do research.  Of course we always encourage physical activity or playing with friends more than homework, but if it is your choice, we will follow your request.  Busy schedules should be followed, and we will try to keep them on one.  Open choice activities and projects are available and we are looking into a new program of allowing Fridays to be designated "Electronic Day's" where they may bring in one headphone device and listen to music of their choice and relax after a stressful week.

As for the Program itself:

- Self-Serve Breakfast is available before the children depart to various schools every morning.

- Self-Serve Snack is available as the children arrive from various schools every afternoon.

     Full day care is provided on school holidays and closings.  Special activities and field trips are planned for certain days off and during most Holiday Breaks.  A final School Age Program field trip at the end of June is also planned.  We will post a list of when your children's school may be closed or close early.  We may also pass out a survey or a sign up sheet to get a general idea of how many children to expect in attendance.  

If you know that your child will not be in or is picked up from school early, please call the Center as soon as possible so our Bus Greeters and Drivers know not to expect them.  We appreciate your attention to this matter.
On half days or early release days, your child needs to bring in a bagged lunch.  Please remember we are a Peanut Free Evironment due to severe allergies.  On days off or no school, the center will provide lunch for them unless stated otherwise.

School Age Themes:

September Back To School/Getting To Know You

October Autumn/Fall Harvest

November Being Thankful

December Winter Holidays

January Arctic Weather

February Friendship

March Seasonal Mash-Up

April Signs of Spring

May Nature

June End of School/Welcome Summer