"Ripen With Us"
Child Care Center, Inc.
An Early Childhood Learning Center
Established in 1974

The Toddlers & Two's
These children are cared for in two (2) rooms of up to ten (10) children to two (2) staff that include a Head Teacher and an Aide per room.

Babyhood is over when they reach our Toddler Program and another exciting stage of development is about to begin.  Our Toddler rooms are set up in "learning centers", appropriately designed for children 18 months to approximately three (3) years of age.

Everyday each child in the Toddler's will receive a day sheet.  Parents need to fill out the top half, and we fill out the bottom during the day to keep you informed regarding meals they ate, diapers/potty times, activity, nap times, meds, etc.  Children in the Two's read a posted Daily Report that will have remarks about your child's day.  Progress reports are also done in January and June to let you know how your child is doing.  Parents can even set up conferences at anytime to discuss any questions or concerns that you may have.

Let me introduce the classrooms:

The Toddler Room:

Developmentally appropriate practice is based on knowledge of how children develop and learn.  Toy shelves in our room are open, accessible and in the same place each day, so that when the kids can find their favorites.  The toddlers will be encouraged to participate in meaningful responsibilities such as picking up  toys, helping clean up their own spills and learning to serve their own food.  Toddlers' exploration of the social world often involves conflict.  The most basic is about what is mine and what is yours.  We are prepared to handle conflicts as these children learn to defend themselves, share and cooperate with others.

Our program provides a variety of structured activities and free time for your child.  Exploratory activities such as sensory play, painting and play dough are offered daily.  The use of large crayons, watercolors, markers and large paper help with the total art experience.  Other activities include puzzles, blocks, shape sorters, shaving cream and various manipulative's.  Music, story time and circle time with games are also planned into our daily activities.

The Themes for the Months:
September - Getting To Know One Another
October - Fantastic Fall
November - On The Farm
December - Seasonal Celebrations
January - Winter Wonderland
February - Toddler Togetherness
March - Shapes/Colors of the Rainbow
April - Signs of Spring/Mud
May - Mother's Day/Bugs
June - Father's Day/Under the Sea
July - Summer Foods
August - Sports

The Terrific Two's Room:

Our program provides activities that are developed for your child's age.  Songs, dancing, story time, dress-up are just a few of our daily activities.  Art activities will be open ended; example: water painting, finger painting and gluing different materials.  Every child will be given time to express their own feelings while working on their art work.  Projects may have no beginning or end time because each child will choose their participation.

Themes are based on the seasons and celebrations.  Activities for the year will include colors, shapes, science, weather, animals, stories and songs that will all blend together.  Seasonal celebrations will be kept simple.  We also will be doing simple cooking projects as well.

Outdoor activities will include walks, sand table, water table (weather permitting) and riding toys.  We use our indoor fitness room when the weather becomes inclement or doesn't allow us the opportunity to go outside anymore.  Children must wear sneakers everyday to participate in physical activity.  Sandals, dress shoes and jellies might be pretty, but they don't protect my feet and mark up the floor!  Children can also bring in a favorite blanket and soft stuffed animal for nap time.  It must be taken home on Friday (or last day of attendance for the week) to get washed.

Themes for the Months:
September - Listening, Learning and Playing with Each Other
October - Fall/Food/Harvest
November - Animals and Pets
December - Seasonal Celebrations
January - Winter Wonderland
February - Story Books/the color RED
March - Shapes/the color GREEN
April - Spring Weather/Birds and Bees
May - Mother's Day/Planting/Science
June - Father's Day/Insects and Bugs
July - Summer Fun/Ocean Life
August - Transportation (Boats, Cars and Trains)