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Preschool 3's,

Preschool 4's

On half days your child(ren) must bring in a bagged lunch if your child(ren)s school does not provide lunch.  Please remember that we are a Peanut/Tree Nut Free Facility due to severe allergies.  We will provide milk.

The School Age Program is divided into three groups according to grade and/or birth year.  The youngest (usually 5 yrs to 7 yrs) is called "The Bears".  The middle group (approximately 8 yrs to 10 yrs) is called "The Bulls".  The oldest group (approximately 11 yrs and up) are "The Bearded Dragons"  The children will be divided according to these age groups during most days off of school and for most meal times when they are here.

Below is the Flexible Daily Schedule:

Please notify School-Age Staff with any specific instructions (ex. change of clothes, homework first, etc.) upon filling out the questionnaire when registering. 

Head Start Infants:

​Welcome to our Head Start Infant Room.  This is a very exciting stage of development for your child.  Many changes are taking place, some over time and some daily.  We plan our day accordingly to based on developmentally appropriate practices through purposeful pay throughout the day.  Play is the key in helping our children understanding their world and to help expand on their experiences.

Social and emotional skill growth is huge when working with older infants.  They are learning how to express their emotions and feelings appropriately.  They are laughing and smiling when they are happy and learning how to use gentle hands and touches when they are frustrated.  Simple communication between the children and the adults flourish at this age.

Every day each child will receive a day sheet.  Parents fill out the top portion and we fill out the bottom during the day.  Progress reports are done in January and June.  Themes for the month are planed and broken down to weekly themes and then projects are planed to keep the children busy.  When weather doesn't allow us to go outside, the children go to our Fitness Room to use those gross motor skills daily.

The Nursery,

The Infants,

Head Start Infants

6 weeks to 18 months: cared for in groups of one staff to four children.

3 years to 5 years:  cared for in groups of one staff to seven (Pre 3) and eight (Pre 4) children.

The Preschool 3's:

​Welcome to our class and a new school year.  This year will prove to be fun for you and your child.  The program will provide a warm, nurturing, safe and loving environment where self-concepts are enhanced, independence is encouraged and individuality is respected.  A large part of our curriculum will focus on social and emotional growth, giving each child tools to help identify their feelings and the feelings of others.  This will also help with problem solving skills and vocabulary when  confronting with challenges.

There will be monthly themes which will allow your child to explore and discover new topics of interest.  To accomplish this, we engage in a developmentally appropriate curriculum.  The day will be balanced with structured activities and free discovery, indoor and outdoor activities as well as active and quiet times.  This unique balance allows the children time to process and get a better feel of their environment.  Show and Tell/Share days are Every Friday, so it will never be out of the ordinary or missed.  There is one major field trip planned at the end of the year in May to the Farm!  Details will always follow with a permission slip.

When the weather changes, we have an indoor fitness room, but we also go outside when proper clothing and accessories are brought in.  Sneakers are a daily must in our room.  You may leave a pair here so your child is always ready for physical activity.

Let's Introduce the Rooms:

The Infant's:

As this group continues to develop, exploration will take center stage.  Mobility opens new worlds.  As they play the infants can totally be absorbed in their environment.  Opening, shutting, filling, picking up and dumping are all activities that challenge them as well as their ideas about objects and what they can do.

We have planned activities such as art time, manipulative time, music, etc.  Many activities are planned to increase cognitive development.  to develop fine motor, we do art projects but also include simple pegs, bingo dabbers and playing with toys in our room to help foster these skills.  There is ample time for free play allowing the children to discover things on their own.  Many of the activities and projects are based on themes of the month.  Every day is an adventure and of course, your ideas and input are always appreciated and encouraged.

Everyday each child will receive a daily sheet.  Parents need to fill out the top portion and we will fill out the bottom as the day goes on to keep you informed of their activities, meals, nap times, etc.  Progress reports are also done in January and June to let you know how your child is doing.  Parents can even set up a conference at any time to discuss any questions or concerns that you may have.

5 years to 12 years:  cared for in groups of one staff to ten (5yr-9yr) or one staff to fifteen (10yr-12yr) children.

18 months to 36 months: cared for in groups of one staff to five children.

  • 6:30 AM  -  9:00 AM          Arrival and quiet free play.  Breakfast will be available for the children before they depart to their various schools.  On full days, breakfast is served at 8:30 AM and lunch will be served at 12:00 PM.

  • 2:15 PM  -  5:00 PM         Children Arrive from various schools.  Bus times vary from day to day.  Children sign in as they arrive.

    An afternoon snack is provided everyday for the children.  Outside food is not allowed for snacks (Center is also a Peanut/Tree Nut Free Facility due to severe allergies).  We will play outside whenever the weather is appropriate.  Please make sure they have the appropriate clothes or a change of clothes for any circumstance.

    On days we can't go outside, the Bears will be in their room (Bears and Crafts), some children will be in the Homework and More room and some will be in our Fitness/Exercise Room when it is available.  Children will rotate in and out of rooms when space allows.  Homework children get first priority in the Homework and More room.

  • 5:00 PM  -  6:00 PM         Quiet table games. computers, and reading as the children are picked up.

Camp Ripen

For safety concerns, please walk your children down to the classroom when you are dropping off and in the evening when you are picking up.  We CAN NOT allow the children to leave the room or building without seeing the person picking them up.  The children must also sign out when they leave.

The Toddlers:

Babyhood is over when they reach our Toddler Program and another exciting stage of development is about to begin.  Our Toddler rooms are set up in "learning centers", appropriately designed for the children as they move up in each room.

Toy shelves are in the rooms are open, accessible and in the same place each day, so that when the kids come in, they can find their favorites.  The toddlers will be encouraged to participate in meaningful responsibilities such as picking up toys, helping clean up their own spills and learning to serve their own food.  Toddlers exploration of the social world involves conflict.  The most basic is about what is mine and what is yours.  We are prepared to handle conflicts as these children learn to defend themselves, share and cooperate with others.

Our program provides a variety of structured activities and free time for your child.  Exploratory activities such as sensory play, painting and play dough are offered daily.  The use of large crayons, watercolors, markers and large paper help with the total art experience.  Other activities include puzzles, blocks, shape sorters, shaving cream and various manipulative's.  Music, story time and circle time with games are also planned into our daily activities.

Head Start Toddlers:

This is a year of change for both you and your child.  They are no longer a baby and are trying to figure out what being a child is all about.  They say that children learn by doing so we want to give them the chance to do so in our classroom.  The children may cook in our kitchen area, build with blocks, or relax in the reading corner.

The children need to experience activities that stimulate all of their senses.  We will use different art mediums, shaving cream, play dough, watercolor, etc.

We will be working on sharing with friends and how we communicate needs appropriately.  These are all skills that young children need molded many times as they learn.  The toys in our room are age appropriate and we try to have multiples to decrease conflicts.

Full day is provided on school holidays and closings.  Special activities and field trips are planned for certain days off and during Holiday Breaks.  A list of when your child(ren) does not have school will be posted.  Surveys are used throughout the year, please fill them out and return them so we can get a general idea of how many children to expect.

The Nursery:

The first year of your child's life comes with rapid changes in growth and development.  Our Nursery curriculum is based on knowledge of child development.

Setting achievable, but challenging goals that are age, individual and socially appropriate are important factors to our program.  The babies are encouraged to explore and have fun.  Their attempts and accomplishments are praised so they may feel increasingly competent and self-aware.  Everyday care giving routines such as mealtimes, diapering or sleeping are including in the nursery curriculum as well.

A daily Nursery Form is filled out when you drop off your child.  The left side is filled out by you to let us know how your baby's day has started so far.  The right side will then be filled out by us to let you know how the rest of your baby's day goes.  The communication with parent's is very important.  We have phones in all the classrooms so you can call and check in anytime you want.

Trust is a very important factor for infants.  In the nursery, infants are allowed to follow their own individual routine for feeding and naps.  As we respond promptly to your baby's need for food, sleep or comfort, that trusting relationship will develop so your child will feel safe and secure with us.

School Age

Our​ Classrooms:

​School Age/Camp Ripen

Camp Ripen is our Summer Program that runs from about the end of School until the end of August.  A Main Summer Theme is chosen for the summer program and the three (3) age groups will be re-named according to grade and/or birth year for the summer only.  Weekly challenges, activities, field trips, and other events are planned.  The children also go swimming everyday at one of the Ken-Ton pools, so a pool pass is required during the summer.  Enrollment is limited to a first come, first served basis as currently enrolled children have top priority before open enrollment begins.  Usually by mid-May we have an idea of what is available, but you can always be asked to be placed on our waiting list for the current or following year.  Fill out the Contact/Inquiry Form on the "Contact Us" Page, Set up a tour on Facebook @ripenwithus500.

The Preschool 4's:

​Our Pre-Kindergarten room will provide your child with a warm nurturing, safe and loving environment where self concepts are enhanced, independence is encouraged and individuality is respected.  Our main focus is on Kindergarten readiness.  Our activities will be developmentally appropriate in physical, emotional and social skills.  Children learn through their experiences with hands on activities inside and out.  Early literacy will also be a major part of the curriculum.  Emphasis will be placed on learning first names, alphabet, number recognition and printing.  Your child may also be challenged to enhance listening skills and lengthen their attention span.  Monthly themes will give your child an opportunity to learn about the world around them.

Our day will be balanced with structured activities and free play, indoor and outdoor activities, active and quiet times.  We want to create a partnership with the parents so we can all work together.  If you have any ideas, questions or concerns, please feel free to talk with us or give us a call.

We go on several field trips during the year that are theme related with cultural awareness, as well as trips to the local library for readings and to check out books.

There will be a featured "Letter of the Week" posted in the hall on our class bulletin board.  Every child will be encouraged to bring in pictures of things that begin with that letter.  A journal is also given to each child so we can monitor and watch how much your child has changed and grown in preparation for kindergarten.

Head Start Two's:

​Our program provides activities that are developed for your child's age.  Songs, dancing, story time, dress up are just a few of our daily activities.  Art activities will be open ended; example: water painting, finger painting and gluing different materials.  Every child will be given time to express their own feelings while working on their art work.  Projects may have no beginning or end time because each child will choose their participation.

Themes are based on the seasons and celebrations.  Activities for the year will include colors, shapes, science, weather, animals, stories and songs that will all blend together.  Seasonal celebrations will be kept simple.  We will also be doing simple cooking projects as well.

Outdoor activities will include walks, sand table, water table (weather permitting) and riding toys.  We use our indoor fitness room when the weather becomes inclement or doesn't allow us opportunity to go outside anymore.  Children must wear sneakers everyday to participate in physical activity.  Sandals, dress shoes and jellies might be pretty, but they do not protect my feet and mark up the floor!  Children can also bring in a favorite blanket and soft stuffed animal for nap time.  It must be taken home on Friday (or last day of attendance for the week) to get washed.

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The Toddlers,

Head Start Toddlers,

Head Start Two's